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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Jeff Probst Show will Motivate

I'm pretty excited for Jeff Probst and his new show "The Jeff Probst Show" because he's a heck of a guy and I believe it will be a positive type of show like Ellen - as apposed to the unhealthy drama, shock, hate and gossip found all over television networks. I'd bet that this show will motivate and inspire it's viewers.

If you are wondering how to see his show live, you can get tickets to the Jeff Probst Show!  Jeff is very well known for being the host of Survivor, but this will certainly change his public image fast. I'm thrilled for him and this show.

This is from my academy awards where I joined Jeff
for dinner and enjoyed doing magic for him once again.
From what I know about Jeff, he'll dig for the real answers and will not hold back asking the tough questions. I also think he'll be positive and encourage the best for everyone. The vibe I'm getting is this show is all about discovering greatness in people. How cool is that? We need more people and shows like this. I look forward to amazing guests, stories and audience participation... congrats Jeff!

I attended Jeff's first show taping and was blown away at the level of care given by the staff. They take great care of their audience and realize that the audience help make the show. In fact, I heard from the warm up comedian, who is Jeff's long time good friend, that Jeff insisted on a quality room for all the guests and had to fight a lot with the network to get it! There were games, snacks, photo-booth, massage chairs, music and entertainment. In addition, it's the only show in LA that allows you to take photos. Even though this is probably more to do with all of us helping the show be marketed, it's nice to see a show let go of some of the over-control associated with other productions. Oh, I almost forgot... I took over Jeff's spot and did some magic for the audience!

To the show itself.. Sure enough, my hunch was right. Jeff really digs for the connection between people, the WHY associated with choices and discovering greatness all around. He is very interested those people who don't just talk about ideas, but those who act on ideas and follow through with them. Each show ends with a segment that lets women ask questions to men about why men do the crazy things they do.. and another segment called Audience Ambush where he chooses one audience member and gives them a challenge and goal to accomplish in one week that typically fits the theme of the show. The main guests come on and it's a very comfortable and personable vibe as apposed to hype and marketing of books you see so often on other shows. Jeff gets right to the questions people at home are likely to ask. In fact, he randomly tosses out the mic to audience members and gets opinions throughout the show.

All in all, I'm super excited for this show and for Jeff. He wants to inspire and motivate people to reach for greatness. His tagline says it all. "Life's an adventure. Let's talk about it." Thanks for listening.

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